College & Career Success Department

Supporting Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness

Aurora Public Schools gives students early exposure to college and career success to ensure they have every opportunity to have a future that excites them.


Career & College Success Process

All APS students discover their interests and strengths which are tracked using ICAP through the program Naviance. While students' knowledge, strengths, and interests evolve through time they are able to track and apply them to their future goals.

College and Career Success Events 23/34

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Needs & Goals Support

Students have access to programs that support their goals and needs as well as a community of support in Graduation Coaches that uplift them along their journey to graduation.

Our College and Career Center Advisors aid students as they prepare and plan for life after graduation, whether that be college, career, or military. Students can stop by their College and Career Center to speak with their school's Advisor, if a school does not have a College and Career Center they can always make an appointment with their region's CCC Advisor.

There are various opportunities for students to earn credentials that will open doors to their future.

Click here for the full college and career success credential list

Concurrent enrollment, dual enrollment, and the program ASCENT are a few ways that students can get a head start on their post-secondary education.

"The new measure of a sufficiently prepared student is one who has knowledge and skills to keep learning beyond secondary school, first in formal settings and then in the workplace throughout their careers, so that they are capable of adapting to unpredictable changes and new economic conditions and opportunities." - David T. Conley, PhD

Concurrent Enrollment with Pickens Technical College& Emily Griffith Technical College

ASCENT with Community College of Denver

ASCENT with Community College of Aurora

ASCENT with Metropolitan State University

Speak with your College and Career Advisor and Counselor to learn more about Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT!



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College and Career

The College and Career Centers of Aurora Public Schools are committed to serving the students of APS by providing a welcoming environment for students and parents to discover, explore, and implement college and career options. We do this by helping them make informed educational decisions about a student's post-secondary endeavor so that they can create a successful future in college, career, or military! Click on the image above for more information.

APS 2026 Face of the Future - Strategic Plan

The College and Career Success team is an intrinsic piece of the APS 2026 Faces of the Future Strategic Plan and its 4 goals.

Goal 1: Plan 

  Every APS student will have a plan for their future.

Goal 2: Skills 

Every APS student will have a set of skills to implement their plans.

Goal 3: Credentials

Every APS student will have credentials that open doors.

Goal 4: Community of Support

Every APS student will have a community of support to bring their plans to life.